About Digital Drum



Digital Drum was set up in early 2016, by me - Fi Shailes. The site is crammed with plain-speaking articles and interviews by digital marketers who aren't afraid to say what they mean.

It's meant to be a bit of an antidote to the stuffy, formal, non boat-rocking stuff you can find on some other sites.

Digital Drum is also home to my digital freelancing service.



I certainly do. In fact, many of the blogs on this site were written by me. 

I do occasionally submit articles to peers to publish on their sites and take part in industry interviews:

do you accept guest posts?

I do. But I'll be honest - I'm picky! 

I prefer to publish blogs which both offer some value for the reader and are written in the authentic tone of voice of the author.

What I mean by that is, I like publishing things which have a personality. 

If you'd like to submit an article for  consideration, please feel free to contact me here.


can YOU WRITE a guest blog FOR MY SITE?

Maybe. Why don't you contact me and we'll have a chat about it!

You can contact me here.

do you write content as PART OF a service?

I do.  You can read more about my freelancing service and what I can support you with, here.