Live From Cannes Lions: The Goat Agency Wrap Up

Live From Cannes Lions: The Goat Agency Wrap Up

Cannes Lions is upon us, and as marketers flock to the sunny beaches for rosé, great talks and late nights, we’ve been looking at how to stand out against the crowds.

As an influencer agency, Goat has never been one to go down the traditional route. Big parties, A-List celebs and the price tags that go with them weren’t for us. Instead, we created the #CannesHangover podcast; a live stream from The Martinez beachfront featuring key voices from across the festival to discuss the latest news.

With guests including Joshua Coombes of DoSomethingForNothing (hairdresser to the homeless), James Kirkham (the Head of COPA90), and Sudeep Eldo Cherian (Head of Global Product Marketing at LinkedIn), we’ve put together some of the best insights from the week.

Making a change for good

This year, Cannes Lions has had a focus on accessibility, inclusivity, and responsibility.

With Unilever, Diageo and Facebook announcing the ‘Global Alliance for Responsible Media’ at this year’s festival, the positioning was clear; advertisers need to make a change for good.

Speaking with Joshua Coombes of DoSomethingForNothing in episode 1 of our podcast, we discussed how this can work at an individual level. Coombes spoke on Monday at the Cannes Lions Festival telling his full story on stage:

“…You can feel empowered to make a change in your community.”

(Coombes states, as he discusses the importance of individual actions.)

‘Authenticity’ and virtual influencers

The rise of virtual influencers and their popularity has been covered extensively over Cannes, and a New York Times piece on the social phenomenon has sparked conversation all along the beach.

We spoke with Head of COPA90, James Kirkham, to discuss his views on the matter. Of virtual influencers, Kirkham said:

“Brands could be “Growing and creating [their] own athlete to be the guise of whatever [they] want…

“Imagine how powerful that could be”.

Whilst some question the authenticity of these pages, others enjoy the novelty. One thing is for sure - it’s time to decide where you stand.

The key platforms: LinkedIn and TikTok

Emerging and evolving platforms are always in conversation at Cannes; from Snapchat’s interactive artworks, to Spotify’s clever cocktails on the beach. But this year, we’ve seen two quite different platforms stealing the attention.

TikTok targeted the festival with billboard ads and a flurry of press to drive conversation around the platform. With average users falling within the 13 to 18 age bracket, they’re perhaps demonstrating the value of TikTok to an audience who may not have even heard of it.

However, top brands such as Adidas, Bayern Munich and Coca-Cola are already first movers on the platform; showing a shift that caters to their future consumer.  

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is full steam ahead with innovations and improved user experience on the platform.

Our own #CannesHangover was hosted via an early release of LinkedIn Live via company pages. As first beta testers of the feature, we’ve been exploring its nuances, such as the positive correlation between the length of your stream and the number of concurrent viewers.

With push notifications going out to your entire following, the visibility is great, and we certainly expect to see more brands putting this feature to use in the future.

Live streaming from a beach = not easy…

Despite this, we met some incredible thought leaders and shared with you just a snippet of the insight we gleaned from them. Our podcast has given a voice to not only our own story, but to a whole host of inspiring entrepreneurs at Cannes. It has also invited the world into the conversations that are being had at the event, every day.

Missed Cannes Lions?

Here’s my advice to influencer marketers…

With influencers at the heart of conversation last year, this year Cannes seemed to expect the use of influencers in campaigns. And we’re increasingly seeing a global shift, as influencers become more and more integrated into global strategy - either as a media channel or as a creative collaborator.

My main advice to you, to help you succeed with influencer marketing over the coming year would be to:

  • Focus on using content creators who already talk about your desired industry already. This seems obvious but too often brands use influencers that their team follow and like personally rather than who is necessarily right for the brand.

  • Secondly, track - absolutely - everything! A/B test continuously, and track all the results. This data will form the basis of the campaign strategy going forward, and will help you improve results over time.

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