Content writing resolutions: 2019

Content writing resolutions: 2019

There is something about the practical nature of content writing which is very engrossing.

And, although I only do it on a part-time basis, I can see how easy it would be for me to get buried in researching, creating, editing and ‘strategising’ about content if it were a full-time gig.

Following that then, it’s totally probable that you could get to the end of a year and feel as though you’ve not had a moment to think about what you’ve been doing, what has and hasn’t worked, and what new or extra things you’d like to do in regards to content.

For my part, I feel like I neglected my blog a bit during 2018. I spent a considerable amount of time (rightly) prioritising content creation / delivery for other people instead. So… I’m planning to lavish more love and attention on it during 2019.

And so, with the imminent advent of a brand new year afoot, I spoke to some of my professional peers to ask them what content-related changes they’re planning to make in 2019…


Ryan Wallman, Associate Creative Director, Wellmark

“My resolution for 2019 is to write a book.

“In the true spirit of New Year’s resolutions, it almost certainly won’t happen.”

Ruth Hartnoll, Content Director at J&R Agency

"It’s to plan - and stick to it. Often, sitting down and ‘macro planning’ your content efforts can be a tough one, so I'm taking time over the Christmas break to create a grand plan and have my team deliver that vision in the new year. That way, our content creation efforts will feel less reactive and more aligned with our business goals."


Gareth Hancock, Writer at That.Content.Shed

“I'm not really one for making resolutions. I tend to be more of (probably pretentious) 'I'm not having around for January 1st to do something' kind of person. But something I really need to make an effort to do more of in 2019 is write more for myself, on my own blog. Let's see how I get on."

Anna McLoughlin, Writer at Inkspiller

“My content writing resolution for 2019 is to pour as much love and effort into writing for my own business as I do into creating content for my clients!” 

Anna Mcloughlin.jpg
Leif K.jpg

Leif Kendall, Director at Procopywriters

“My content resolution is to write more data-driven pieces. That will mean using analytics and SEO research to inform the content I produce. It’s not very exciting – but it works!”

Lizzie Bruce, Content Design Consultant and Trainer

“It is to think inclusively. I’ve been working on a project called Readability Guidelines, which is all about finding evidenced ways to present content so that is is easily accessible by all. For example, putting a hyperlink at the end of a sentence may work better for autistic users. We need to find more evidence, and I want to throw myself into that.”

Lizzie Bruce.jpg
Glenn Fisher.jpg

Glenn Fisher, Copywriter at AllGoodCopy

“My content writing resolution is going to be to allow at least one day between writing and editing - for EVERY piece of content. I’m so busy, I tend to do it the same day with smaller pieces, but it would be better for the content to give it time to rest. I do it with longer pieces of copy, so I’m going to try to do it with smaller stuff too. How? I guess by improving my own scheduling.”

Matt Fleming, Technical Content Writer at Read Modify Write

“1) Only write content that delivers on a business objective and 2) pay closer to attention to competitors that outrank our clients.”

Matt Fleming.jpg

Sarah Richards, Founder of Content Design London

“My content writing resolution is to read more than I write. I have a stack of research from the readability guidelines that I’d like to apply to my work in 2019. I want to see if the minutiae of our style choices have an effect on usability.”

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